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Our software solution optimizes the management of meetings, promoting active participation and enhancing sharing.


Some Features

iMR is a revolutionary and innovative solution
able to introduce an effective change in the process of arranging for meetings


  • Own technologies to deliver information and have access to data
  • Documents available only for enabled users
  • Watermarked documents with name and surname
  • Encrypted documents according to the highest safety standards

Ease of use

  • Best reliability and ease of use
  • Intuitive menu and icons
  • Customizable functions per number and type

Process management

  • Well organized consultation of documents
  • Best traceability of information


  • Calling and agenda of the meeting
  • Resolution process, speakers' list and electronic voting management
  • Recording of meetings
  • Encrypted private chat

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Safe information flow management complying with banking policy
Board meeting documents quickly delivered to tablets, easy management of data and dynamic search for information available everywhere
Reduction of the costs related to the process of drawing up paper documents, thus significantly saving paper and resources to be spent for other activities
Processes are optimized, thus saving time considerably

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